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Monster Jaunt is a throwback minigame party that won't hurt hands or friendships, with real minigame variety, lightweight strategy, and no dice.

  • OVER A DOZEN DIVERSE MINIGAMES:  Whether it's high-action penguin races and battle arenas, or cerebral memory challenges and inventory management puzzles, there's a minigame for everyone!
  • STRATEGIC BOARD GAME:  Between minigames, plan vacation routes for monster tourists based on their interests. Win with tactics and only a bit of luck.
  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER:  Play with 1-4 players!
  • FLEXIBLE OPTIONS:  Don't button mash if you don't want to. Disable minigames if you don't like them. Controls are fully remappable.
  • RETRO 3D STYLE:  Bright colors, whimsical characters, memorable music, and few polygons!

Coming 25 October 2019!

What's in the demo?

The pre-alpha demo contains a fully playable board and four minigames. The demo is only available in English and on Windows.

Full game and soundtrack coming in early 2020! Sign up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date. Or, wishlist on Steam!

Download demo

MonsterJaunt_PreAlphaDemo.zip 155 MB

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this game has a lot of potential very good job