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Monster Jaunt is a throwback minigame party that won't hurt hands or friendships, with real minigame variety, lightweight strategy, and no dice.

  • OVER A DOZEN DIVERSE MINIGAMES:  Whether it's high-action penguin races and battle arenas, or cerebral memory challenges and inventory management puzzles, there's a minigame for everyone!
  • STRATEGIC BOARD GAME:  Between minigames, plan vacation routes for monster tourists based on their interests. Win with tactics and only a bit of luck.
  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER:  Play with 1-4 players!
  • FLEXIBLE OPTIONS:  Don't button mash if you don't want to. Disable minigames if you don't like them. Controls are fully remappable.
  • RETRO 3D STYLE:  Bright colors, whimsical characters, memorable music, and few polygons!

Coming Q1 2020!

What's in the demo?

The pre-alpha demo contains a fully playable board and four minigames. The demo is only available in English and on Windows.

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Download demo

MonsterJaunt_AlphaDemo.zip 160 MB

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this game has a lot of potential very good job